EU Trainer Certification

Internal or external trainers are more and more used by organisations to enhance and empower their human resources.  

Thus, demonstration of the trainer’s competence is becoming crucial, also in a mobility context. 

The EU Trainer certification provides a recognition and a validation of trainer competences acquired through daily professional practice. 

The EU Trainer certification is based on a European competence matrix & certification scheme developed in the framework of a European ERASMUS+ project: CERTI4TRAIN.


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EU Trainer Competence Matrix

The EU Trainer competence certification scheme is based on a detailed competence matrix,

according to which evidence is required from the candidate and examined. 

The competence matrix covers substantially all training related activities,

according to the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) Cycle. 



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Certified Trainers Register

As scheme owner of the EU Trainer competence certification, EFCoCert is committed to 

  • monitor the scheme implementation integrity by the affiliated CBs, and
  • ensure transparency over certified trainers and certificate status.

The only official EU Trainer certification register, which affiliated CBs are committed to update systematically, is available through the EFCoCert website.

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Notions such as “Certification Scheme”,  “Scheme Owner”, Integrity Program”, etc. are not obvious to understand. 
The same for specific questions related to the EU Trainer certification scheme and its market acceptance or recognition. 
The FAQs below might help the interested user to find his way through this highly specialized world (or “jungle”).


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Scheme Genesis

The EU Trainer certification scheme has been developed in the framework of an EU ERASMUS+ funded project called Certi4Train.

After application early 2014, the project lasted 2 years, from September 2014 to August 2016.

The project consortium gathered partners from Luxembourg, France, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Portugal, under the coordination of LIST, public research center in Luxemburg.                            

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Affiliated CBs

EdelCert & InSpectorat Sàrl

15 Place de la Gare 

1701 Fribourg - SUISSE


Scheme Experts Committee

The EU Trainer certification scheme has been developed in application of the EFCoCert standardization guidelines, which are compliant with the ISO Directives.

Such a process requires to assemble an experts committee, with representatives of all interested parties – i.e. in the specific case of the EU Trainer certification: trainers, trainees, training organisations, companies hiring training services, certification bodies, etc.

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Download documents

You are a trainer interested in getting certified? Or a company wishing to know what your outsourced trainer’s certification is about? Or …
Welcome: you can download all scheme related key documents here:

  • EU Trainer certification scheme  EN / FR
  • EU Trainer competence matrix  EN / FR
  • Candidate guidelines EN / FR
  • Examiner guidelines  EN / FR
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